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Emergency Lighting Services: North East & Across UK

Emergency Lighting Services Across The North East & UK

Our fully managed emergency lighting servicing provides vital support for your business so that you can be confident that your emergency lighting is reliable and meets mandatory fire safety guidelines in case of an unexpected emergency.

Throughout the North East & the UK we provide comprehensive support for commercial and industrial businesses, offering some of the best emergency lighting solutions in the North East of England. Covering everything from an initial inspection through to emergency lighting installation and lighting maintenance, our team can offer your business a comprehensive and nationally trusted emergency lighting service.

The Importance of Emergency Lighting: Inspection, Installation & Maintenance

Whatever your business, If you have artificial lighting in operation within your workplace then some form of emergency lighting installation is mandatory, and therefore needs to be serviced appropriately by an experienced lighting professional that is fully informed of emergency lighting regulations.

If the main lighting was out in your building you need to ensure that staff, customers and clients are able to safely exit the building. Although often underestimated, emergency lighting such as led emergency lights or illuminated exit signs are actually just as essential to your building’s fire safety precautions as fire extinguishers! It is a legal requirement that a record of maintenance/testing is kept on-site in a dedicated logbook. This is why it is vital that you work with an electrical contractor like ourselves to meet your emergency lighting installation and maintenance requirements.

Why Choose PASSfm For Your Emergency Lighting Servicing

Here at PASSfm, we are able to service all of your emergency lighting installations on either a contract basis, bespoke basis, or within your regular electrical or PAT testing contracts with us, saving you time, money and hassle.

We’re based locally in the North East, but we’re renowned nationwide for our professional and personalised services. Not only do we provide a fully managed Emergency Lighting service, but we also have an in-house admin team so we can let you know in advance of your maintenance program about whether it includes a battery replacement and provide you with a full periodic report.

Our comprehensive emergency lighting servicing is focused on ensuring you achieve 100% emergency lighting regulation compliance, and includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Battery Discharge Test
  • Lumen level output assessment
  • Survey to assess adequate coverage
  • Compatibility with BS requirements
  • Client training to carry out interim testing
  • Managed timely reminders of what tests and inspections are needed

Supporting Documents about Emergency Lighting Servicing

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 has placed the duty on the employer to ensure that their employees, and any other visitors to their site, may work or go about their duty in a safe working environment.

Help guide about Emergency lighting and risk assessments

Further Links and Information about Emergency Lighting Servicing

Electricity at Work Regulations 1989

Fire Precaution (Workplace) Regulations 1997

Emergency Lighting

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the main power fails in a commercial property, it is a legal requirement that emergency lighting is installed so that the property can be deemed safe at all times.

Emergency lighting is intended to be the backup lighting if the main power supply fails. It works by being connected to the mains power supply which charges its internal battery constantly, so if the power fails emergency lighting reverts to using its own internal power supply to provide artificial light.

You are able to test your emergency lighting via a test switch key that will activate the emergency lighting test mode. This simulates a scenario as though the main power has been disconnected so that you can see if your emergency lighting works, and you should make effort to check that every single emergency light does.

Depending on the nature of the premise, how long emergency lighting should stay illuminated for is dependent on how fast occupants are able to leave a property/if it is essential that they reenter. For example, in a hotel, the emergency lights must stay lit for 3 hours, whereas minimum illumination for a shop that can be evacuated quickly and isn’t essential to be reentered is an hour.

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