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Thermal Imaging Services

Thermal Imaging Services Provided throughout the North East & UK

What makes Thermography so useful?

  • It is non-contact - uses remote sensing
    • Keeps the user out of danger
    • Does not intrude upon or affect the target

  • It is two-dimensional
    • Comparison between areas of the target is possible
    • The image allows for excellent overview of the target
    • Thermal patterns can be visualised for analysis

  • It is real time.
    • Enables very fast scanning of stationary targets
    • Enables capture of fast moving targets
    • Enables capture of fast changing thermal patterns

PASSfm engineers conduct thermal imaging surveys giving you invaluable information, data and results that enhance preventative maintenance effectiveness and problem solving/diagnostics.

Thermal Imaging cameras can detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum (roughly 900�14,000 nanometres or 0.9�14 �m) and produce images of that radiation on a visual display for troubleshooting.

Electrical Surveys

Electrical surveys can identify poor connections, overloaded circuits, failing components or imbalanced loads. Faults on electrical systems can be expensive in terms of plant downtime, damage, loss of production or risk from fire.

Keep your business up and running with PASSfm Electrical thermal imaging surveys. Thermal imaging services can help business, manufacturers and repair teams implement effective maintenance practices to avoid costly down time and remain competitive within their industry.

What is involved in Thermal Imaging Surveys?

PASSfm use state of the art thermal image cameras that display images and read radiation where the human eye cannot see. They can easily see where heat is being lost from a building or specifically where heat is building up, for instance within an electrical circuit or machinery due to faulty components.

Thermal imaging surveys are effectively used in a predictive application.

  • Thermal imaging survey gives you a full image of the situation
  • Easy to identify and locate an issue before it becomes a non-repairable problem
  • Measure temperatures differential effectively
  • Store information of all surveys and site information
  • Tell you exactly what needs to be fixed - and pin point exactly where in large areas

Example of a Thermal Image taken from a Site Survey conducted by PASSfm

110A Circuit Breaker

Thermal Imaging

240V 110A breaker feeds LAN rooms.
Load Reading A=65 B=95 N=84

Thermal Imaging

B phase exceeds 80% ampacity and temperature exceeds breaker rating.

Hot Fuse Connection

Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging

The surveys can also include the factory, machine, plant or premises itself from the roofing to the structural condition. Identifying a problem before it starts is crucial to effective mechanical and factory operations.

Pulley System - Hot drive belts:

Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging

PASSfm thermographic surveys can easily point out problems in structures, buildings and building appliances easily and effectively. This can range from detecting leaking pipes, damp spots, poor window and roof insulation, damage from weather like roof damage.

A Leaking Bedroom Ceiling

Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging

If you notice in the last photo, it is difficult to see the ceiling has a leak. However using the thermal imaging camera, you can see the problem, the origin of the leak and save time and money, reducing the need to tear out walls.

Why use PASSfm for your Thermal Imaging Surveys

  • All our surveyors are qualified to at least ITC Level 1
  • Flir E series cameras used in conjunction with Flir Reporter software to compile professional reports
  • Thermal imaging surveys can easily compare temperature differentials over large spaces quickly
  • We can identify failing components prior to failure by identifying their high temperature areas before they 'fail' or worse 'break down' beyond repair
  • In some places, such as hazardous chemical plants, thermal imaging can get you results in hard to reach places
  • Our thermal imaging surveys can find pipes, wires, leakages and more in a non-invasive and cost effective way

Supporting Documents about Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermography Code of Practice

British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT)

Further Links and Information about Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermal and infrared testing (Wikipedia)

Thermal imaging camera (Wikipedia)

UK Thermography Association

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